Sunday, November 19, 2006

Good Times posted 10 August 2005 09:20 by martin Someone at AA last night mentioned gratitude and I certainly feel that. There is an AA saying "Cultivate and attitude of gratitude" - it's easy to think 'woe is me' and be miserable, it's a lot harder sometimes to be grateful for what I've got and especially for those people around me.
My daugthers have been with us since Sunday and we're having a lovely, lovely time. Alan and I agreed to have another go at our relationship - with conditions on both sides - that's going well too - we're respectful of each others feelings and that's not been there for some time.
Today I'm grateful to be sober but recognise it's only one day at a time. Thanks for all the 'welcome back' messages - I fuels my need to be wanted rather well!

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

With ' is 250 there!
250 articles, 250 drawings (of the times more!).
To celebrate this graaaaaaaaaaand event, I propose a meeting of dedications to you.
(Let us go y merrily, thus let swell our ankles!)

For that, no need to devour the kilometers, to beat the way, to trace the road... with your small note-book, notebook, delivers of gold, tight strong good between your small feverish fingers.
Do not move! Do not catch me a cold, a trachéo, a bronchito microbial filth.
Not not!
Remain on your premise, quietly stuck to your screen... one is not well there?
The principle is simple.... leave me your white sheet in the comments. I will have a pleasure of the gribouiller only for you.
To help me a little, and because times, I am flemmard ideas, blow to me a topic with the ear (a word, a situation, a desire...).
If that inspires to me, I will use it.

I will do that during the Weekend and will have it again to you Monday in the comments (thus undoubtedly not of post Saturday Sunday)
I will spread out can be that over the next week.
Of course, there will not be for everyone, I will thus stop as soon as good seems to me, namely, a tendinitis with the right hand!
If Ca I walk will remake some another later for the others!

Here, with you to play, not always the same ones who works what zut at the end!

Monday, April 03, 2006

Following...If you want to follow it to me is some share between ground Maori and Japan while passing by the forest where the patupaiarehe hide, Montmartre, Montreal, and all the films which take me along far with the outside or inside (and there are!)

Tea TimeA little patience for the continuation: I am has London until A Sunday and I did not take cord USB of my camera (reflexe of blogueuse which I still miss).Considering time that it makes here (it snows today!!), I am not sour to bring back a photo album; but on the other hand, of the memories, Ca yes!With very soon!

Under the shockIt still struck.I am very thing. I walk to 2 per hour, as one could do it after an accident...
I leave the New World of Terence Malick.(to see the effect which its preceding film had made me, to see my article here)
I acknowledge that if I am fan of Jan Kounen, Malick, it is the spiritual father, the Master, the reference beyond any reference. I smelled well that a part of the public (the room was packed) had a little evil. It is true that it is contemplative, spiritual, beautiful, free of any attachment to unspecified rules, and thus diverting. Because, despite everything, one accustomed us to the certain shape of cinema, with a language which we include/understand now. And well, to enjoy Terence Malick, it is necessary to put that at the wall cupboard and to look it like... nothing. It is necessary to plunge inside, to accept all, even if one balks a little, and to this condition, one is taken along, flown away... with tops. I failed to write "tops of emotion", but it is not even that. it raises neither more nor less than of the mystical experiment. For any statement, I smelled myself a little as at the exit of a hut with sudation.
I do not want discover your discovery. I go right statement for the moment, that this film answers a long time dissatisfied waiting at home, that of a film which tells a destiny of woman, by showing us all the facets and the richness. A woman really. Not a girl who wants the same thing as the men or a fraction of woman. Here, it is the whole, splendid all. Finally! With through do its history, I see at the same time the history of the women through ages, and the history of each woman (or perhaps just mine? In any case identification unquestionable symbolic system!).
I does not say any more, and I leave you with this photography which I pricked still in Edward Curtis and decorated (I had cannibalisée another for my article of them on Lare Indian vs the Elves, that I you arises from the paperboards too; mazette, that bonds today!)

A preferred authorFor St Valentine, I took along some friends to see AZTEQUES, a play which is played in this moment in Théatre 13. It was as well as showed the possibility for it criticisms: setting in scene, decoration, costumes, interpetation, power of the reconstitutions, humour even: all was excellent. However, rejouer the fall of the Aztec empire following the invasion of Cortès on a scene not so large, it was not a small matter; but the party taken to show us the characters like as many emerged phantoms of the entrails of a museum, using the accessories with their range informed beautiful all that makes the magic of the theatre for me: the equivalent of the sets of children where one invents a universe with three ends of strings; the reign of "One would say that..." this toolbox it is our trunk of the treasure; this container, it is our ship; and paper bubbles there, one will make a shroud of it! I adore!Ca is played until February 19, do not delay. There is a reduc in A Us Paris of last week: 2 places for the price of one (invite to know if it goes with any number, one never knows).
All that gave me desire for speaking to you about one of my favorite writers, with Tolkien and John Irving: Orscon Scott Card, and more precisely of one of its best novels which is entitled "the redemption of Christophe Colomb".

You see according to the illustrations of cover (Atalante, which splendid editions!) that one remains in the topic. But presupposed of departure is as follows: it would be said that humanity car-was almost destroyed and plunge them in the past to the research of the knowledge of their ancestors, to include/understand them and reconstitute the data base of the mankind. One particularly follows a young woman and his team who are interested in the destiny of Christophe Colomb, who could be well the decisive pivot which brought the man to his loss. And so suddenly it was discovered that one can act on the past?... I does not say any to you more: it is passionant and super documented good. In premium, it is not SF, nor the fantastic one, it is unclassable! (and that can like those which these kinds reject).
Works of Card are of an exceptional richness as regards characterization of the characters, emotion and intensity in the stakes, as well private as total. Perhaps because of that, one accepts his universes without reserve. Its Mormon roots do perhaps not have nothing to do with the beauty of its topics, but it does not make watch of any proselytism. Other work that I recommend warmly is the series "the Chronicles of Alvine". There one is in a particular kind: the alternative history, is another version of the past; here in fact that of the United States at one time close to their foundation, where the Indians were still free and tolerated the white, and where the ordinary magic, that of the protective charms of the hearths and the talents particular to the craftsmen, still operated. Too much well!

PrincessesI could not to me epêcher bring them closer these two princesses...One is of Rébecca Dautremer which illustrates books for children superbly (and lil is that which offers the first to me:), the other is of Corinne Reignier and comes from a .beautiful postcard that the turtle-dove gave me Christmas.Me I say that these two dessinatrices would need well a Web site to show of advantage their works!

Welcome in the heart of the perfection...Intrepid reader attention, you come to enter to the country of Kindy. A wild region or nothing is foreseeable but where all is perfect!How you will have guessed, Kindy, is me! Eh yes, the true one, only, single and fortunately!!!You will find my thoughts here (I do not promise myself an exemplary clearness!), my desires my blows of mouth (very little because I am also soft and tolerant that fairy!) and all that relates to my small life, if enthralling is it!!!Interests, that does not interest, want to say to you: I into insane royally! Read, do not read, comments on, does not comment…free with you because, with the country of Kindy, each one made this it wants! (especially me!)
Well with you intrepid reader,
Kindy wishes you a happy voyage with heart of its region…

I' ll Be back!Good I promised has my Moune this midday that I would thus write an article I does it! But I thus have only a few minutes I you write quickly a small trick for better returning in beauty because I have of course you of things to tell you!!!
I would explain you of course the reasons of this great virtual silence!
On the other hand I do not know when I could tell you any of it, I will test this weekend, normally I should have a few hours of free! Promised if I have some I will devote them to you!!!
While waiting, continue has to come to pollute my blog I adore to read you, it given always bloody pleasure of seeing new comments same when I am not!!
With very soon my intrepid readers!

To work? roh...Not yet time to write today... I had time yesterday but Master took this time to me! Thus if you want to complain because I aipas does not write the two articles which I had envisaged to wrote yesterday it is necessary to go to feel sorry for you on the "worlds dumbest things"!! (saw You Master jte make same advertizing!)
Being in full work today I aipas which been able to resist emulously to put to you what I have just received...
- If you want to work, sit down and wait until that passes - Happy the student who as the river can follow his course without leaving his bed - work is the opium of the people and I do not want to die doped - If work it is health, Ben I still prefer to be sick - It is to better mobilize its intelligence on conneries that to mobilize its connery on intelligent things - work is a beautiful thing. Would not be egoistic, leaves it with your buddies - work is for me the most crowned thing!!...... it is for that that I do not touch there!!! - To work hard never did the risk kill anybody, but why take? - work it is a disease, the proof, it is that there is an occupational medicine! - too Much paid for what I do, but not enough for what I emmerde. - the team work is essential. In the event of error, that makes it possible to show somebody of other. - the human east error, but a true disaster requires a computer. - the man is not made to work, the proof it is that that tires it. - If your labour is hard, and if your results are insufficient, recall that one day the large oak was a nipple like you...
And after that is necessary that I find the motivation to work...

Kindy revises has bottom...I hope that my readers (for the majority uncultivated! ; -) ) will understand that in this moment I do not have at all time to write articles because I am in the last straight line before the exams which begin Tuesday for me... and finish Friday (this year they organized the things well because the year derniere it was spread out over 2 weeks!). Good after I thus have the right to 10 days of holidays I would take again my blog in hand, finally, I will try to hold me about up to date this week between two chapters of revision...
Moreover, by the weekend I am likely to have not badly things to tell... or not...; -)

Kindy did not die yet!!Then veiled, I do not put only one comment on my blog of the day, and anybody knowto know itself if I died or not... I swear you!! pff!!! You would deserve that I die tien!

Thus it is 21h04 on my ordi which is not per hour, we are on January 12, and like had announced it Béa here, I had a chance (I do not know if it is the witty remark...) to die today...
Good, the day is not finished, but I do not have prevu to thus leave my appart I am likely when same some to survive...

On the other hand, I have just imagined some situations which could give reason has Béa..
If a train runs off the line it is likely to fall on my appart, or in any case right in front of and it can still explode..., if it is in the other direction, it can run off the line and to attend straight in my living room... (i believe that I go squatter my room this evening...).
A jerk can lead stuffed and to come to park straight in my wall from living room or kitchen... ok, All I have less risk to die but never knows one...
The gas leakage... then the explosion...
Taken of hostage by the son of one of my neighbors... (it is not very Net... is necessary to say when one leaves prison worse... good already it makes fear!!)
Good, I let some to you imagine others, I do not have that that has to make!

Finally veiled, I did not die, but I could because the pavements of Dijon had been transformed into skating rink today! Everyone was looked while laughing as soon as a passer by slipped... it was with the first which would fall... did not fall!! I failed... but not! On the other hand has of them one which ventured in a ground descent in front of the FAC... would have had a car which passed at time it ( has some always much!) I would have assisted has the death of a young man on line! Not but it is insane, one does not take a way same can recouvers of glaze if it is a short cut, and especially if the end mene with the road! Idiot!
In any case, tomorrow it is Friday 13... supersticieux good courage!

Monday, February 13, 2006

GoodYear Tires Thats EXACTLY how long they last! One fucking good year only! After dat sure fuck up one...I brought my car in for the usual tire inspection, rotation, alignment and balancing... and fuck... knowing how workshops are these days... I stood beside my car armed with my new notebook... (the thing weighs like a ton of bricks btw! :-P) arms poised and ready to swing it at any asswipe mechanic who even thinks of trying to molest my ride... (i know potong cars sucks... but hell, I'm no millionaire! Can't drive no ultimate driving machine like some ken mmm'kay!)The tire caps went off... then the bolts... and I groaned almost immediately... noticed the uneven wear... the top of a steel nail driven right into the back tire where it hurts most... and hell, I couldn't even see the safety lines on my tires anymore! It was all smoothened out! Fark dat shit! No wonder I kissed into that god damn CRV!Sigh, I'm now RM798.80 poorer... fark! But hey... I've got a nice boss rite??? Hey Boss... I know you're reading this!... you're the nicest boss aren't you?